Exam and Eyeglasses

Your comprehensive eye exam includes a thorough evaluation of your ocular health by Dr. Hoekstra; as well as prescription for eyeglasses, if needed. The doctor will discuss your results and provide recommendations to keep you seeing your best. Our comprehensive eye exam will detect a wide range of conditions that affect visual function. We also check for health disorders such as glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. The ocular effects of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and high risk medicines are also monitored.

Contact Lenses

A contact lens exam is slightly different than a comprehensive eye exam. During a contact lens exam, the doctor will first determine the shape of your corneas and then select the contact lenses that provide the most comfort and clearest vision. Our doctor is skilled at fitting patients with a variety of needs such as high astigmatism, dry eye conditions, and multifocal prescriptions. Dr. Hoekstra has numerous years of experience in the fitting of all types of contact lenses, both standard and specialty lenses.

Medical Eye Care

At Burlington Vision Plus, we provide a wide range of medical eye services including the treatment of eye infections, glaucoma, and dry eye. Our doctors also manages diabetic retinopathy, Lasik and cataract pre- and post-operative care. He has a strong network of local eye physicians with whom he works closely.